The Hotel Royal Damgrete was build to give the state what can compete with any 3star hotel abia Hotel anywhere in the world, this is because for decades the capital city of Umuahia has lagged behind in the area of hospitality and tourism. Build by Digbo Investments Company Ltd with head office in Lagos, Nigeria. The Hotel is situated in the safest area of the government reserved area, same area housing the seat of power in the state, commissioners, police and military top hierarchy, sitting on a land area of 3.0 acres with 60 suites/rooms, 4 bars comprising smoking bar, executive restaurant, near Olympic Size Swimming Pool for 150cars, conference halls of 500, 200, 70 and executive board room with state of the art finishing for 20 people.

Lawn Tennis court, CCTV, fire fighting equipment, uniformed and uniformed security personnel, declared with 500KVA, 360KVA, 250KV generators, car hire and travel agency, mini-mart 40km to Owerri airport.